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Which product is your favorite product from Domino Dairy and Ice cream Co?
Product nameSatisfaction level
Sterilized Milk 1 liter(Full Fat/ Cocoa/ Low fat,….)
Sterilized Milk 200CC(Full fat/ Cocoa/ Banana/ Coffee/ Honey,….)
Aroosaki Ice cream
Wafer Ice cream(Safrron/ Chocolate/ Strawberry,….)
Dominitta Ice cream
Icelolly(Plum/ Barberry/ Blackberry/ Raspberry,…)
Sandwich Magnulia Ice cream
Dorado Ice cream(Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Vanilla, …)
Push up Ice cream
Rabi Ice cream(Pineapple/ Peach/ Orange,…)
Salino Ice cream( Orange/ Strawberry/ Peach,…)
Stick bar Ice cream( Coffee/ Sourcherry/ Orange/ Strawberry/ Peach,…)
Majoon Ice cream
Milky Ice cream(Milky/ Chocolate/ Banana,…)
Magnulia Ice cream(Classic/ Dark/ Double Chocolate/ Banana,…)
Alpiral Ice cream(Saffron/ Chocolate/ Pineapple Rabi/ Orange Rabi,…)
Cup Ice cream(Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Saffron,…)
Victoria cup Ice cream(Vanilla/ Coffee/ Strawberry/ Chocolate,…)
Pasteurized Milk(Whole/Full fat/ Low fat , …)
Bisco Ice cream
Other Items
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  1- How you evaluate our dairy and ice creams products?
  2- What's your score for monotony for ice dairy and ice creams?
  3- How is our product packaging level?
  4- How is affection of our product quality to your decision to choice us again?
  5- How you evaluate our colleague's treatment and their respond?
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