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Domino Dairy and Ice-cream Company was established in 2011 with a rich support of experiences and specialty, earned by more than thirty years of constant effort and entrepreneurship of its founders who used to work as founders and owners of Mihan Dairy and Ice-cream Complex before that.  Benefitting from the most recent technologies and modern production equipment, this company tries to produce and supply to market the best and highest quality products. To do so, it has imported its productions machineries and equipment from prestigious industries in reliable countries such as Germany, Sweden and Denmark. 

The vision of this company which has been formed by following its mission  in producing the best products and emphasizing on export-core activities led to this company’s accomplishment in becoming one of the three large and active companies in the Middle-east and North Africa dairy and ice-cream market.  Domino pursues the motto “New Flavor” and tries to use all its resources to create new standards of flavor, taste and variety of products in dairy and ice-cream.  Using  the best and highest quality ingredients and mixing it with the capability and creativity of the company’s expert, along with specific attention to the consumer’s taste have created an extensive and complete basket of ice-cream and milk which satisfied consumer’s anticipations.

By making an extensive investment, this Company has implemented one of the modern milk labs, the largest R&D unit for dairy and ice-cream in Iran, Faloodeh production workshop, ice-cream sandwich and chocolate production unit production line inside  Domino Complex; along which, it has the advantage of owning the best equipped and largest specialized freezing houses for ice-cream products.  

Manufacturing and utilization of two ice-cream production systems based on the researches and ideas of R&D and technical team of the company similar to the largest dairy and ice-cream industry technology owners is one of the greatest accomplishments and honors of the company and the exclusive  rights of using this technology is secured for Domino Company for many years.

Summary of activities:

• Establishment: 2011, after separation from Mihan Dairy and Ice-cream Co.

• Vision: To be changed into one of the three  superior companies of dairy and ice-cream industries in the Middle-east and Horn of Africa

• Goals: Focus on consumers’ tastes

            Innovation and production of new products

            Establishment of productive employment and sustained investment

• Variety of products: More than 80 types of products in different flavors that includes more than 250 variations of products.

• Distribution and sale network:

            Establishment of 10 representative and agency branches and 100 percent ownership of Domino across the country

            Awarding 98 exclusive agencies across the country

            Providing products to more than 350 sale representatives/agencies across the country

            Cooperation with 200 complexes of sale contractors for the products in Tehran, Alborz and Semnan Provinces